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Emergency notification about BST firmware update failed problem!
Type: Company News    Views: 30049    Release: 2019/08/01

TIPS: If you BST working, don't onilne upgrade, don't firmware update!

TIPS: For easy communication, all BST users add QQ group: 300934219

Today, the GsmBest Team received a lot of user feedback that BST firmware could not be updated. After investigation, its was pre-coder (partner) Yang did this destruction, Here GsmBest Team will retain relevant evidence and retain the right to investigate Yang legal liability.

GsmBest Company was canelled in early 2019, because of the different management concepts among partners. After the cancellation, there was an oral agreement among partners: BST is a common achievement of all partners, and no one can use BST as a platform to make money and publicize anymore. Now Yang used technical means to block all BST dongle, resulting in failure of firmware updates for all BST users, forcing old BST users to use their released software!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the internal problems of the team. We inform you as follows:
1. If you BST working, don't online upgrade, don't firmware update!
2. The GsmBest Team will immediately organize technicians to solve the problem as soon as possiable.
3. If our can't solve the problem, we will release the new version to authorize the old BST users to use immediately. (The new version is currently under test.)
1). If you don't use V3.50.00 before, we will authorization to use the new version sure.
2). If you used V3.50.00 already, we not sure can authorization to use the new version or not!

TIPS: we will do our best to safeguard all partners distributors and end users. we need you support also! Thank you!


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