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[ Company NewsOfficial notice for BST Dongle from GsmBest Team 2019/11/11
Hello, all partners/distributors/peers/bosses in mobile phone maintenance industryThis is GsmBest-Wei from GsmBest Team ( The Official Team of BST Dongle), Due to adjustment of the team business, we announcements as follow information:1.The BST of the official team have stopped u…
[ Company NewsOfficial Notice the Truth of BST Incident!!! 2019/08/03
Hi, All First of all, Thanks to: GsmServer, Miracle Team, Zhulianqi, Simon Ng, RazaGsm, ... and all support GsmBest Team users! This is GsmBest-Wei from GsmBest …
[ Company NewsEmergency notification about BST firmware update failed problem! 2019/08/01
TIPS: If you BST working, don't onilne upgrade, don't firmware update! TIPS: For easy communication, all BST users add QQ group: 300934219 Today, the GsmBest Team received a lot of user feedback that BST firmware could not be updated. After investigation, its was pre-coder (par…
[ Company NewsSOLEMN STATEMENT! 2019/07/31
[ Company NewsGsmBest Team 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice! 2018/02/06
Dear dealers and customers: Happy Chinese New Year 2018! The office will be closed during 2018 Chinese New Year Festival: 7th, Feb 2018 ~ 25th, Feb 2018. We&nbs…
[ Company NewsGsmBest Team 2017 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice! 2017/01/16
Dear dealers and customers: Happy Chinese New Year 2017! The office will be closed during 2017 Chinese New Year Festival: 19th, Jan 2017 ~ 5th, Feb 2017. We&nbs…
[ Company NewsBST Dongle V3.30.00 Released 2016/04/28
Added MTK Read ScreenLock(Pattern/PIN/Password) via GPU method, improved read screenlock speed. Added Samsung Reset FRP(Factory Reset Protection) lock patch files,solved cannot res…
[ Company NewsGsmBest Team 2016 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice! 2016/01/29
Dear dealers and customers: Happy Chinese New Year 2016! The office will be closed during 2016 Chinese New Year Festival: 31, Jan 2016 ~ 14, Feb 2016. We w…
[ Company NewsGsmBest Team 2015 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice! 2015/02/09
Dear dealers and customers: Happy Chinese New Year 2015! The office will be closed during 2015 Chinese New Year Festival: 10, Feb 2015 ~ 26, Feb 2015. We w…
[ Company NewsGsmBest Team Download Center website officially opened 2013/03/31
The efforts made by engineers months, GsmBest Team download center website officially opened on March 31, 2013. the site is build in BGP double (Telecom/CNC) server, User access based on the subscriber line automatically selects the best line available for download, can be a goo…
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